We Aim Membership Details


WomEnergy Association of Incubators in Manufacturing” is the first of its kind women Startup and Scale up facilitator in the country, for women in manufacturing

We are proud to inform that WEAIM is actively engaging several women entrepreneurs/ homepreneurs through several events, supporting their markets and brand reach

“START IT – SCALE IT CELL” focuses on

  • Providing complete start up services for 100 women start up manufacturing entities;
  • Funding and strategy infusion for 25 sustainable women manufacturing enterprises to scale up

Some of the benefits of membership of WEAIM are as under:-

  1. Opportunity to Interact, liaise & network with peer member constituents, entrepreneurial institutions, Potential industrial connects in various meetings of WEAIM
  2. Supporting aspiring women entrepreneurs set up their own enterprises and hand holding them until their brand is stabilized
  3. Facilitating acceleration of existing manufacturing enterprises through strategy and mentoring
  4. Be part of a learning environment for sharing problems and finding possible solutions through various knowledge sharing events such as Seminars, Conferences, Meetings, Delegations, Trainings and Entrepreneurship development programmes
  5. Receive regular updates on women industry related Government Policies, Notifications, other public and private opportunities etc
  6. Participate in Leadership Committees set up by WEAIM and place your views & suggestions therein
  7. Opportunity of getting timely funding from various banks/ Financial Institutions through Banker-Borrower Meets, also selective linkages to private equity investors for expansion
  8. Support from WEAIM mentor panel, relevant domain experts in manufacturing, intelligentsia connects, intellectual partnerships support

9. Innovative marketing Support systems for women manufacturer’s products (Shopenergy, We Aim Her Market, Annual trade fairs, events and buyer collaborations etc.)


 Start it cell service benefits/one stop service linkage for your manufacturing enterprise set up (A) Continuous  access to HNI network among co manufacturer members , also HNI delegates during program and interactions
Monthly one free industrial entrepreneurial network and learning meet (A/E) Preference to branding life members brands each time across various online and offline activities of WEAIM


Annual trainings  (two) (A/E) Access to mentor resources , strategic consulting referrals , B to B markets linkages etc
Free Support towards product marketing , free registration to  WE AIM HER MARKET PROJECT/HER MARKET SPACES /E Commerce LINKAGES Presence in Her market e portal ;WEAIM online community  Focussed boosting across digital media
Annual trade fairs, market platforms , buyer linkages interlinked  with project  (A/E) Can place products physically in physical stores : HER MARKET  ( 20 potential market places to be launched one after other across Hyderabad city and other cities )
One- One mentoring support (A/E) Access to number of expos and events that approach WEAIM for women brand linkages
All internally sponsored official melas & meetings are offered (A/E)


She Manufactures Complimented TV Show episode to first 20 life members of this year
Complimentary branding and support opportunities in WEAIM official platforms/events First preference during Govt projects submissions, liasoning linkages , biddings, access to land clusters kind schemes , equity investor linked scale up  programs as and when announced by WEAIM gradually etc , its a life time so a evolving journey with us too
Opportunity to take up leadership roles, mentor roles , National level WEAIM roles etc as and when as per profile -work – time

Annual membership (Aspiring/Existing Manufacturers)
Cost: Rs 5000/-

  • Start it cell service benefits/one stop service linkage for your manufacturing enterprise set up at affordable costs
  • Bimonthly one free industrial entrepreneurial network and learning meet
  • Annual trainings at nominal co
  • Free Support towards product marketing, free registration to WE AIM HER MARKET PROJECT/SHOPENERGY/E-COMMERCE LINKAGES (incentive sharing model)
  • Annual trade fairs, market platforms, buyer linkages at nominal costs.

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