START IT-SCALE IT CELL : Incubating 100 manufacturing start-ups by women every year Supporting 25 Scale ups (existing women manufacturing entities) every yearSTART IT – SCALE IT CELL works to support entrepreneurial ideas at nascent stage, by women, to help them start up and achieve sustainabilitySTART IT-SCALE IT CELL facilitates acceleration of the existing manufacturing enterprises, enabling them with strategy -mentoring -funding (attracting investors to scale up)WEAIM will extend support in several modalities – innovation stage, process mentorship, selection of machinery, market feasibility research, business model, revenue model, govt .sector schemes linkage e.tc. WE AIM addresses entry and growth stage support for women start-ups in manufacturing sector, offers one stop solution right from registering an idea till the establishment of a brand in the market through START IT CELLFor existing, potential women manufacturers who are striving to grow further, WE AIM will address acceleration stage through market linkages, product research support, machinery upgradation, matchmaking with buyers, strategy infusion and funding linkages, offers one to one mentorship for existing women manufacturers and enable them scale up to their fullest feasible potential through SCALE IT CELL

Keeping in view the major objective of facilitating women startups in manufacturing segment specifically every year to grow in the country – A Mission towards MAKE IN INDIA, we invite collaborations with all startup services /entities/ facilitators/ incubators that work towards helping women easily set up their businesses, also maintain their businesses, also scale up their businesses
  • SCC shall comprise of at least 10- 30 entities that make it easy for aspiring women manufacturers /women to set up their manufacturing businesses
  • SCC shall also offer services that help women scale their existing manufacturing business
  • SCC entities shall be revered acknowledged nationally and internationally in all WEAIM activities

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