WEIC The We Aim community center will help women turn their industrial/manufacturing enterprises into profitable, market-ready business. The women in manufacturing will gain a powerful connection to a broad network of resources and an ally who can help them navigate the path to commercialization. Upon evaluation of model & selection through We Aim mentor panel, women may be invited to enter full-time incubation at We Aim THE PROCEDURE MAY INCLUDE Channelizing and testing the product strengths , formulas, patents Identifying revenue scope, demand of products , defining market fitness Exploring export potentials, overseas market scope and demand Understanding production values, filling gaps, developing pricing strategy and branding module Establishing partnerships or profit sharing modules depending on potential of the manufactured products, scope and stage of the manufacturing unit/company We Aim incubator will serve as an educational resource and critical path to women manufactured products commercialization for the region’s women manufacturers and women industrial organizations MANUFACTURING PRODUCTS ARE EVALUATED ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS BUT POSSIBLE OPTIONS INCLUDE: We Aim evaluates and roadmaps the commercialization potential of the existing women manufactured products – or women formulized products or inventions Researchers/faculty /Industrial Mentors participate in We Aim processes of incubation Selective Products of women manufacturing also start-ups enrolled in We Aim for customer/market validation Experts from 10 plus industrial fields will nurture Women become manufacturers or will offer mentorship to existing women manufacturers to scale up to the next level We focus on incubation of Women manufacturing in following segments. Life Sciences – including bulk drug formation, vaccines, Nutraceuticals, Biologicals, Incubation centers, R&D facilities& Medical equipment; IT Hardware – including Bio medical devices, electronics, cellular communications and FAB; Precision Engineering including Aviation, Aerospace & Defends; Food processing and nutrition products including dairy, poultry, meat & fisheries; Automobiles, transport vehicles, auto components, tractors & farm equipment; Textiles and apparel, leather valued added products, artificial material infused and coated textiles, paper and paper products; Plastic and polymers, chemicals and pay To chemicals, glass and ceramics; FMCG & domestic appliances; Engineering & Capital goods including castings, foundry & Ferro alloys and other metallurgy industries; Gems and jewelers; Waste management and Green technologies; Renewable Energy & Solar parks; Mineral based and wood based industries; Transportation/Logistic Hub/Inland port/ Container depot

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